The Aikido family - Visit to Austin Aikikai

Jamsek sensei had a welcomed greeting and was happy to oblige my impromptu request to train. The students were also very welcoming and eager to find out who this random hakama was.

The instructional methodology was very direct and one I am familiar with, one attack with variations of techniques and movements. As a good Aikido instructor, Jamsek sensei had guided instructions as well as open ended moments. A great weaving of technique execution and creativity. 

This weekend, on a trip to San Antonio, I popped into an Aikido class in Austin. I was lucky to find a dojo near by, Austin Aikikai.

I had not met the sensei before but looking at the website and the facebook page it seemed like a good group to practice with. It was a last minute decision, so I took a chance on letting the sensei allow me to train with the class.


Not only was it a great workout, and I learned something different, but it also dawned on me a big lesson for all my fellow Aikidoka: we are one big family.

I encourage the students of Houston Aikido Foundation and my fellow Aikidoka to branch out from your normal dojo every once in a while. If you're in another city or traveling, look ahead for an Aikido school, and be open minded to something new!

 I look forward to my next trip to Austin, finding a good group to train with is a great find. Just remember that Aikido is a path that brings about new opportunities in life, one has simply be open to the moment to find the value in it. The Aikido community should be that of an open community, one to share knowledge and discover with each other. See others as your family and see the world change before your very eyes. Till next time! - Cesar Aguirre, HAF director